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Created on 2011-12-31 17:44:07 (#1347641), last updated 2017-04-11 (26 weeks ago)

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Name:Arden [Riku Replica]
Birthdate:Jan 16
Location:United States of America
RP Journal for the Riku Replica from Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.
  • In [community profile] empatheias he adopted the name Arden, which he selected as a combination of Garden & Ardent at the suggestion of Snow White.

  • In [community profile] cityofariel he adopted the name Cadence, which Riku gave to him.

Let's go on living our lives heroically, with style.
(Just a long long time)
And even if the two of us should be separated,
(Let go of me)
Take my revolution.

In the sunlit garden, hand in hand,
we drew close, and soothed each other with the words:
"Neither of us will ever fall in love again."

There's a lot of space here. You don't have to worry about going on for too long.

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